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    I recommend to first read Squaring Yin Yang, before reading this Thought.
And I also recommend to first read Thoughts on Yin Yang
, before reading this Article.
  On Saturday 16 May 2009 I conducted, together with Heather Clewett, a workshop with the title ‘Meet the CircleMaker’. The idea was to bring participants closer to the phenomenon and to them selves. Heather and I shared lots of our knowledge and wisdom. Together with the participants we reconstructed some formations using the 'compass-straight edge' method. We did meditations and a shamanic journey. And we made a sand/flower mandala.
It became a very powerful and magical day, which was within a week reflected in a most intriguing way in the fields of England. It very much looks like we made contact. Judge for yourself.

Initially we had planned that the participants would come up with a design for the mandala we would make during the day. Just before the workshop I decided that it would be wiser if I would choose the design. For various reasons I took the Yin Yang Yang formation of 8 May 2008 as starting point. Read Thoughts on Yin Yang and Squaring Yin Yang to understand the tremendous power of this crop circle and why I choose it.


The diagram on the left shows how Yin Yang defines in a relative simple, but very elegant way, Squaring the Circle as well as Pentagonal geometry. Both, squaring the circle and the pentagram, are defined by the green arc. See diagram above on the right and read Squaring Yin Yang. This arc will prove to be very important.


This central core of Yin Yang - the green arcs with the two centre circles – forms the basis of my mandala design. See diagram above on the left. Since Yin Yang also contains pentagonal (5-fold) geometry, I shifted the arcs 5 times. I rotated them 5 times over an angle of 72 degrees.
The same I did with the central core containing the two circles. The set of two circles were also rotated 5 times over an angle of 72 degrees, resulting in the diagram below on the left.
By choosing the right lines and erasing the others, I got to the diagram below on the right.
This diagram was used during the 16 May 2009 workshop in Zutphen, NL, as template for the sand mandala.


The sand/flower mandala was created in four stages during the day, simulating the four directions. We used four different materials during the creation. There are many ways to do this. We did it as follows:
1. Red sand (from Sedona, Arizona) representing the West and the element Water;
2. Black sand representing the South and the element Earth;
3. White sand representing the North and the element Air;
4. Yellow flowers representing the East and the element Fire;
The yellow flowers were taken from two different crop circles (in oilseed rape) while I was in the UK one week before the workshop! All Cannings and Manton, both in Wiltshire, UK.

After its creation, the mandala was dissolved and offered to the IJssel river. To the water Elementals.

One week after this workshop two new crop circles appeared in Wiltshire, UK. The first two after the workshop!
The two new crop circles both shocked me. See the photos (taken by Olivier Morel) below. 


Both crop circles were undeniably related to the mandala we had created one week earlier!

Read on and be as amazed as I was and still am.


The diagram above on the left shows once more the core of the used Yin Yang as well as the core of ‘our’ mandala. By rotating the circle-pair not five, like in 'our' mandala, but three times and now over a angle of 60 degrees instead of 72 degrees, the diagram above on the right comes into existence.


By simply copying the circle-pairs and rotate them over 30 degrees, you get the diagram above on the left. You are actually looking at ‘our’ mandala-core – or the Yin Yang core - being rotated 6 times over 30 degrees.


The rest is just picking the right lines and there it is. So amazingly simple and such an undeniable connection!

That same day, 24 May 2009, a other crop circle was found near Barbury Castle. An other shock ..... Read on!


Lets once more have a look at the core of Yin Yang. As you remember the green arcs define squaring the circle as well as five-fold geometry (pentagram). See also Squaring Yin Yang.
Amazingly enough, the arc also defines seven-fold geometry. See diagram above on the right.


But … there is more. The same arc can be used to find the size of a small circle as shown in the diagram. The relative size of this small circle is exactly corresponding with the small circles in the Barbury Castle formation.
And there is even more! The small circle can be packed seven times round a central small circle. All of the same size. See diagram on the right. And this now is exactly the heart of the newly found formation. Wow!

In a few steps you will get from the previous diagram to the diagram below on the left. Et voila.
Click here to see those additional steps.


And if all of this was not enough, the phenomenon decided to give one more clear confirmation of us being in touch with the phenomenon. The very next day, 25 May 2009, a crop circle came down at Windmill Hill that was the sister, brother, father, mother, son and daughter of the Yin Yang Yang formation we used for our mandala.


Here you can see a few steps showing why the 25 May crop circle and the 8 May 2008 Yin Yang Yang formation – and with that our mandala – are so closely related. Click here to see all steps.



During our workshop on Saturday 16 May 2009 we did our utmost best to ‘Meet the CircleMaker’. We all had great hopes and also some expectations, but we were still blown away by the answer of the CircleMaker.
The very first three crop circles after the workshop were variations on ‘our’ mandala. It was as if the phenomenon was saying: “I will give you what you want ... and a little more!
And that is the core of the phenomenon. You often think to know, but … then there is always a little more. A little piece of unknown. Until the moment comes that you have figured that part out, then – yes, you guessed right – the phenomenon will confirm your findings and at the same time it will give you a little more.
It is always Crop Circles ... and More.

What an exciting time we are living in! Lets get the most out of it ... and more.

© Bert Janssen, 2009.