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We Keep Missing It

    I recommend to first read Thoughts on Yin Yang, before reading this Article.
And I also recommend to first read Möbius Strip Crop Circle, and Squaring Yin Yang.
  My teacher, Heather Clewett-Jachowski, strongly believes that many (and perhaps even all) crop circles have Squaring the Circle encoded in them in some form. We are just failing to see it. She could well be right.
The geometrical basis of for instance the 1.5 Yin Yang formation helps us in a very elegant way to square the circle and we nearly missed it! See Squaring Yin Yang
Connected to this formation is the Furze Knoll crop circle of 20 June 2008.

The diagram above is a representation of the core of the crop circle that arrived on 20 June 2008. The day Summer and Winter were true at the same time. They were one. This Oneness is exactly what Yin Yang stands for and what was so profoundly expressed in the ´Yin Yang´ crop circle of 8 May 2008.
In the article Möbius Strip Crop Circle I showed how the 20 June 2008 crop circle is closely related to the Yin Yang crop circle. They have the identical core. The core of two circles wrapped inside One circle.
Because the above diagram representing the 20 June 2008 crop circle at Furze Knoll, Wiltshire, England, has the same core (twice) as the Yin Yang does, it also contains Squaring the Circle twice! See Squaring Yin Yang.


When you look at the diagram below on the left, you will see an amazing feature. The red arrows show were the Circles of the two Squaring the Circles are intersecting. We now can construct a square that goes through these intersections.



Yes, you have guessed correctly. The blue square and the red circle are squaring the circle. The perimeter of the blue square is equal to the circumference of the red circle with a precision of 99.4%. This is really amazing!
The core of the formation is based on two overlapping Yin Yangs. Since every separate Yin Yang contains Squaring the Circle, the core of the 20 June 2008 formation contains two overlapping 'squaring the circle'. The overlap in itself defines a new square, that Squares the total perimeter. Wow, wow, wow.

Again, you don't have to stretch your mind a lot to go from the diagram above to the diagram below.

It is so amazing to watch how the crop circle phenomenon works. It gives us clue after clue, where the clues are often different for every different observer. Then, when we have failed to recognise the given clue, it will give us new clues to help us understand the first clues. And so on and on. It therefore can happen that you will 'discover' new things in old crop circles. Like I did with the 1994 crop circle near Boven-Smilde, the Netherlands.
See: Squares and Circles


Many crop circles - and perhaps even all of them as my teacher Heather Clewett suggests - have come down with Squaring the Circle encoded in them. Many times we have failed to recognise this feature.
On 8 May 2008 a 1.5 Yin Yang symbol arrives. The symbol of the Unity of Opposites and again we nearly missed the obvious: the encoding of Squaring the Circle. Also the connection with the Furze Knoll formation that came down on 20 June 2008 did not immediately lead to recognising Squaring the Circle.
It is shouting in our face and we keep missing it.
Lets look better from now on!

© Bert Janssen, 2008.

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