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Thoughts on Yin Yang

  The concept of Yin Yang is very intriguing. Lets see what Wikipedia has to say about it:
... In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are generalized descriptions of the antitheses or mutual correlations in human perceptions of phenomena in the natural world, combining to create a unity of opposites in the theory of the Taiji.
The concept of yin and yang describes two opposing and, at the same time, complementary (completing) aspects of any one phenomenon (object or process) or comparison of any two phenomena...

photo Janet Ossebaard


On May 8, 2008, a magnificent formation came down in oilseed rape (canola) alongside the Stone Avenue, just outside Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. The pattern resembled very much the symbol of Yin and Yang. Although it was not identical, it had an extension to it that made it look like 1.5 Yin Yang.

Yin Yang

8 May 2008 crop circle

To fully appreciate the crop circle we have to know what Yin Yang stands for. The Yin Yang symbol represents many things. But foremost it is about the Intersection and Harmony of Opposites. The Unity in Duality. About Oneness coming into existence through fusion of diversity. It is about the plane where Heaven meets Earth and Earth meets Heaven. And that is exactly what the crop circle is communicating in a most profound way.


Have a look at the drawing on the left. I want you to take a blanc sheet of paper and make the same drawing. It does not have to be precise. Just a circle with a black dot placed off centre. Hold the paper up in the air in front of you. Now 'walk around' and look at the paper from the back. You will see the drawing as shown above on the right. By looking from the opposite side (from behind), you will see the mirror image of the original. The diagrams below show the effect when we use the Yin Yang symbol. The diagram on the left is the original and the right diagram the symbol seen from behind. The mirror image.


Flying over crop circles you will see the patterns from above. But how would they look like if you were to see them from inside the Earth. Instead of looking down at them from Heaven, looking up at them from Earth. You will likely be inclined to think that the result is the same as with the diagrams on paper. You would think that by looking from behind, from the inner Earth outwards, you will see the mirror image of the original.
But this is not so!


Do realise that the black in the diagrams is were the crop is downed. In other words, the crop that is the furthers away from the observer is coloured black. The white parts indicate standing crop. In other words, crop that is the closest to the observer is represented with the colour white.
Now imagine again you are looking from inner Earth outward to the crop circle. Make a diagram of what you see where the crop closest to you is made white in the diagram and the crop the furthest away is made black.
The diagram above on the left shows the mirror image of the original diagram. The diagram above on the right shows this mirror image but now with the correct (inverted) colours. In this case, because of the geometry used in yin yang, we would have gotten to the same result if we would have rotated the mirror image 180 degrees.
Read Möbius Strip Crop Circle to recognize the relevance of this! 


So the crop circle shows the original Yin Yang symbol in front and the same symbol behind it, but now as seen from inner Earth! Amazing.
Yin Yang is already representing the Harmony of Opposites, the Unity in Duality. The crop circle is even more clear. It shows Yin Yang as seen from Heaven and at the same time it shows Yin Yang as seen from inner Earth. The crop circle shows the Intersection of Opposites, the place where Heaven meets Earth. It is telling us to look from opposite sides at the same time. To see the whole, the Oneness, but only through observing from opposite angles. To fuse Duality in Unity.

This became really clear when the Furze Knoll crop circle came down on 20 June 2008, the day of Summer Solstice. The day that Winter and Summer become one. The Yin Yang point of the whole Year.

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And last but not least there is the intriguing connection between Yin Yang and Squaring the Circle.
Two vastly different symbols expressing the same concept and intimate connected through their geometry!
Squaring the Circle where the square and the circles are opposites and One at the same time.
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© Bert Janssen, 2008.