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Squaring Yin Yang

    I recommend to first read Thoughts on Yin Yang, before reading this Article.
And I also recommend to first read Möbius Strip Crop Circle, before reading this Article.
  For a while now I have been fascinated by the concept of Squaring the Circle, where the square and the circle are opposites and One at the same time.
It is actually the same concept as Yin Yang.
The other day I was flipping through the book ‘Sacred Geometry’ by Robert Lawlor, and I was shocked by what I read. In his book Robert uses the geometry of Yin Yang to construct squaring the circle. Truly amazing! Let me share this with you.

photo Janet Ossebaard

On May 8, 2008, a magnificent formation came down in oilseed rape (canola) alongside the Stone Avenue, just outside Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. The pattern resembled very much the ancient symbol of Yin Yang.
In the article Thoughts on Yin Yang I dissected this formation and showed the stunning feature that the crop circle not only shows the Yin Yang symbol as seen from Heaven, but behind it, it shows the same symbol but now as seen from inner Earth! The crop circle demonstrates the Intersection of Opposites, the place where Heaven meets Earth. It is telling us to look from opposite sides simultaneously. To see the whole, the Oneness, but only through observing from opposite angles. To fuse Duality into Unity. And that is exactly what Squaring the Circle is about. The fuse of Duality into Unity.
Amazingly enough the geometry of Yin Yang leads in a very smooth way to squaring the circle. Let me explain.

The core of Yin Yang is formed by two circles wrapped in One circle. Two becoming One. Duality and Oneness in one symbol. Using this symbol, we can now draw a 'big' circle that has its centre on the perimeter of the outer circle (see downwards arrow in the diagram above on the right) and that touches the two inner circles (see upwards arrows in the diagram above on the right). The diagram below shows the result.

The outwards pointing arrows in the diagram below on the left indicate where the newly constructed 'big' circle intersects with the horizontal heart line of the Yin Yang symbol. Using these intersection points we can construct a further circle with its centre in the centre of Yin Yang symbol. See the diagram below on the right.


A square that encloses the original Yin Yang symbol will Square the newly constructed Circle with a precision of a stunning 99.9% accuracy. Remember that constructing a 100% accurate Squaring the Circle is impossible!
99.9% accuracy is about the best you can get.


So simple. So elegant. So precise. So beautiful.
As if this is not enough there is an other mind blowing feature hidden in the Yin Yang symbol. The same 'big' circle that defines the Circle in squaring the circle, also defines a pentagon that snugly fits inside the Yin Yang symbol. And as to make sure that you will see that this is all not a coincidence, the two inner circles in the Yin Yang symbol provide two more anchor points for the pentagon.

The presence of the pentagon is of the utmost importance. The pentagon (pentagram) contains the Phi-ratio and the Phi-ratio or Golden Ratio is the ratio of life itself!
So the core of the ancient symbol Yin Yang connects life, the Phi-ratio, with Squaring the Circle.
Isn't that amazing. The phi-ratio that so beautifully expresses life. A ratio that feels so good, so natural, is directly connected to Squaring the Circle. A concept that feels so awkward, so unnatural. It is as if Yin Yang is bridging life in this realm, with the realm beyond the veil. The realm of Sophia and Source.
No, it is not Yin Yang, its the crop circles that are doing the bridging by means of Squaring the Circle!

© Bert Janssen, 2008.

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