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Milk Hill Magic

Bert Janssen

  The intriguing findings I did in my first analysis of 2007 and which I published under the title 2007 East Field Alchemy (see East Field Alchemie), invited me to have a better look at some other 2007 crop circles. Over the years I have learned to listen to my inner voice and that voice drew my attention to the formation that came down on June 7th, 2007. Already back in 1997 I got the idea to combine several crop circles using for instance the Basic Pattern, but somehow I never got to actually do it. It took the formation that came down on June 7th, 2007, under the white horse at Milk Hill near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK and the advice of my friend and teacher, Heather Clewett-Jachowski, to finally look at more then one formation at a time.

As the following analyses and diagrams will show, the 2007 Milk Hill crop circle is truly magical.


The one thing that bothered me in the beginning at the start of my analyses, was the central circle behind the triangular central shape that did not seem to fit in the overall geometry. The diagrams below show the geometrical friction. It was only later that I realised the deeper and magical meaning of this ‘nonfitting’ circle.


Although the formation shows only four circles at the sides, it is obvious that the design is based on six-fold geometry.


The diagram on the right shows what the formation would have look liked if all six circles would have been in place. The central triangular shape in the right diagram is begging for its mirrored sister, which is placed in the left diagram below. It was after adding this additional element that I realised that the crop circle was likely hiding a message. The formation shows only four circles while it is hiding the obvious six-fold geometry, but I realised that it was perhaps hiding more. The central six-pointed star reminded me of a method that I used to construct nine-fold geometry in my book The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles. I decided to give it a try. The diagram below on the right shows one of the following steps in constructing nine-fold geometry.


I will show one more step.


Have a look at the diagram on the left. The distance between the two lines indicated by the two top arrows is exactly one ninth (1/9) of the circle circumference. Now look at the diagram on the right. To my amazement I noticed that the top circle exactly fits between the two lines. Wow! By showing only four of the six circles, the formation was hinting that it was hiding something. The crop circle was hiding that it was actually based on nine-fold geometry! See the diagrams below and be as amazed as I was when I discovered it.


It was at this point that I remembered seeing the same hiding feature in the East Field formation of June 3rd, 2007. Heather suggested superimposing one on top of the other. When I did this, it turned out that not only did the two crop circles fit, they were actually brother and sister. They should have been one crop circle as the following diagrams show.


Notice how the four outer circles of the East Field formation fit exactly in the outer circles of the Milk Hill formation. The right diagram shows the connection between the hidden nine-fold geometry of the Milk Hill formation and the central core elements of the East Field crop circle.
Look at the left diagram again and notice how the arcs of the East Field formation precisely overlay the circle circumferences of the Milk Hill formation. It is actually the central arc of the East Field formation that defines the size of the circle behind the triangular shape in the Milk Hill formation. The circle that first didn’t seem to fit. It is this circle (Milk Hill formation) and the accompanying arc (East Field formation) that ‘proves’ for me that the two formations belong together. They could have been one. They are one!

Since both formations showed hidden geometries, I decided to delve deeper into this aspect. To my astonishment I found that a whole range of geometries is hidden in the combined crop circle. The following diagrams show this mind blowing feature.

three-fold geometry   four-fold geometry   five-fold geometry
six-fold geometry   seven-fold geometry   eight-fold geometry
nine-fold geometry   squaring the circle  

It is truly amazing that all these geometries are somehow hidden in the Combined Crop Formation. It is Gnostic Alchemy. The Gnostics believe that there are ten layers which define our being. Seven heavens on this side of the Veil, number eight which is the Veil itself with Yaldabaoth residing in it, the ninth heaven where Sophia lives and the ultimate tenth Heaven were there just is. The tenth Heaven is where the ultimate Square becomes One with the ultimate Circle. It is where there is only Oneness. No duality! Everything just IS.
The crucial points in the path to Oneness is first escaping our three dimensional reality. Then reaching the seventh heaven and passing it by breaking through the Veil and finally arriving at the ninth heaven. Since there is no duality in Oneness, we cannot make the final step – into Oneness – ourselves. Oneness has to take the initiative for us to return Home. Oneness cannot be held by duality, it can only Be.
Now look at the Combined Crop Formation again. There are three geometries that clearly stand out. Those are three-fold geometry, seven-fold geometry and nine-fold geometry. The first two because they involve and encompass both formations (East Field and Milk Hill) at their outer and inner core and the last because of its ultimate balance.

three-fold geometry   seven-fold geometry   nine-fold geometry

Are these crop circles signifying our path from 3D reality through the seven heavens and from there beyond the veil into the ninth heaven and ultimately into Oneness? Three, Seven, Nine, Oneness?
Looking at the silhouette of the Milk Hill formation with the East Field formation superimposed on it, I cannot not help but see the meditating Buddha.

In my way of looking at it, this 2007 crop circle season was stretching us to understand the multi layered informational matrix of the circles.

© Bert Janssen, 2007

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