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East Field Alchemy

Bert Janssen

  It has been a while since I have analysed the geometry of a crop circle.
My friend and teacher, Heather Clewett-Jachowski, has asked me to pick it up again, and I can tell you I have not regretted it. The 2007 season has shown some truly amazing designs, with many deep hidden messages. Let me give you an example. On Sunday June 3rd, 2007 a crop circle appeared in the East Field near Alton Barnes (Wiltshire, UK).

At first glance this crop circle does not look real spectacular, but there is much more to this formations then meets the eye. Although the whole design breathes three fold geometry, it is actually based on four (and deep down even eight) fold geometry.
Since the 2006 season showed many crop formations which had obvious and hidden connections with Alchemy and especially with the interaction of matter and Spirit, I have gotten very aware of shapes and numbers in this context.
To understand the 2007 East Field formation and see the connections, we have to start with a circle circumscribing a square. Spirit (sphere) enveloping matter (cube).


A new circle will fit in the square and a second square will fit in the second circle. We can repeat this a few times, generating a set of nested circles and squares. Layers of alternating Spirit and matter.


The middle square is actually an eight pointed star. Eight fold geometry, the geometry of Alchemy where the ultimate goal is to reach beyond the eight heaven. The construction of eight fold geometry is necessary to find the next circle (see diagram).


Here again we have nested matter and Spirit. The two nestings generate a new sphere.
Inside the newly created small sphere the nesting of matter and Spirit repeats itself. We are looking at a fractal (or a hologram). The smaller part contains the information of the bigger part and vice versa. Let us have a detailed look at this smaller circle.



In the small circle we again can fit a square and in the square a circle. This we can repeat a couple of times as we have done with the big starting circle.


If we take the newly constructed small circles and hang them down in a string, we get the situation as shown in the right diagram. This string can be copied in the following way:

Let us go back to the eight-pointed star and the circle that is defined by this star. This bigger central circle can be copied three times as shown in the right diagram below.


We now have enough information to finish the actual formation.


There is one more thing I would like to draw your attention to and that is the fact that not only does the formation show obvious three fold geometry with a strong foundation in four fold geometry, it also contains very transparent five fold geometry as you can see in the diagram below!


What an amazing crop circle! It is obviously showing three dimensions, but underneath it is completely rooted in four dimensions and even eight. The crop circle shows the nesting of circles and squares starting with the big circle and the repetition of this process in the smaller circle. As in the bigger, so in the smaller. As above, so below. And then there is the connection to five fold geometry, to the mother of the Phi ratio. The ratio of life itself.
Just as in the 2005 and 2006 crop circles, the 2007 season had many connections with Alchemy and the interaction between Spirit and matter. However, for me, the 2007 connections were stronger and more complex as I will show in future articles. I am now confident that I have missed seeing a major cosmological understanding and its connection with the crop circles.
In my way of looking at it, the 2007 crop circle season was stretching us to understand the multi layered informational matrix of the circles.

Bert Janssen, 2007

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