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As you have - as an addition to the Basic Map - access to detailed directions on how to get to the different crop circles.

By clicking on -  - the app will determine where you are and produce a map with directions from that spot to a possible parking close to the crop circle.

The map is ‘zoomable’ and also gives the distance in miles and kilometers, the expected travel time and the coordinates which can be used in a navigator if you wish to do so. To be costs just €  Euros for a season, which runs from through .

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Not only do you get this information for the current season, but for nearly all crop circles that have appeared in the UK since 1978.

You also get detailed information on numerous ancient sacred sites and other places of power. Including directions on how to get to them.

And as a bonus you get the same information on the 2 gigantic ley-circles that can be found in northern Wiltshire.

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