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Bert Janssen

  Over the years much time, money and energy has been invested in the research that in the end has led to the foundation of CCaM. However, much more is needed to bring everything together in such a way that at the end of the day we collectively will be able to find the answers. And you can help by becoming a Sponsor of CCaM. As a Sponsor you not only support the work and ongoing research of CCaM, but you will also have access to our Database in which you can find valuable information that will assist you with your own research.
(Only our Sponsors have access to our Database.)

In our Database you will find valuable additional information

On the label is a clickable area - additional information - that will open up a pop-up window with more information, such as a diagram, an aerial photo, a ground shot, landscape photo, video, etc.

On the label itself you can find accurate latitude and longitude information and the bearing. This bearing is very important when you want to do alignment studies. The number between the brackets - in the example above it is 6 - gives information on how many-fold the geometry of the pattern is. The crop circle in the above example has six-fold geometry and is therefore not only aligning at 17 degrees (where 0 degrees is exact North), but also at 77, 137, 197, 257 and at 317 degrees.

Our Database contains information on nearly all UK crop circles that have appeared since 1978

There is also the option to see important sites like Avebury, Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, etc. These are marked with green markers. In addition to that, there are white markers that indicate where important events (like filmed sightings) have happened and golden markers to indicate leylines and leycircles.

- I am already Sponsor and want to continue to the Database -