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  There is basically not so much difference between the thoughs and the geometries on the website of CCaM. By the one the thoughts are dominating, by the other the geometries, but both are analyses of the interaction with the crop circle phenomenon.
At this page you will find the 'Geometries' with the intention of assisting us to see the bigger picture, which will pave the way for asking the right questions and finding the ultimate answer.
I have also written many articles for numerous magazines. Some of them you can find here:
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    Geometrical constructions:
1-fold through 9-fold geometry and 'squaring the circle'


  Early work on Geometry ( on the website )

2005 - Squaring the Circle and the Great Pyramid

2006 - Landscape Geometry

2007 - part 1 - East Field Alchemy

2007 - part 2 - Milk Hill Magic

2008 - Squaring the Torus

2008 - Möbius Strip Crop Circle

2008 - Squaring Yin Yang

2009 - Secret and Sacred Archticture - part 1

2009 - Secret and Sacred Archticture - part 2

2010 - Squaring the Sun and the Moon

2010 - Squaring Perfection

2011 - The last Secret of Stonehenge

2011 - Barbury 2008 Mystery solved

2011 - the Evolution of Crop Circles

2012 - Squaring the Circle