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Bert Janssen

  Welcome to Crop Circles and More.
I am Bert Janssen, founder of CCaM. Since I first encountered this phenomenon back in 1994, the magic of crop circles have touched me on the deepest levels. From the very first moment onwards, I was surrounded by riddles and I have been attempting to solve them for nearly 20 years now. The CCaM research organization and website is established to include you in the final collective answer to the all important question: What on earth is going on?
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From my way of looking at it, crop circles are the greatest mystery of modern times. These are images or voices of light in a world that is void of it. CCaM was founded to understand what is happening with this mystery whether the understanding is on the conscious or subconscious level. And with that concept, we are touching one of the most fascinating aspects of this phenomenon. The phenomenon speaks to us on all thinkable levels conscious, subconscious, and super conscious. It is exactly this ability of the phenomenon that this web site was created for.
  There are many questions integrated into this crop circle phenomenon. If you are interested in the biological material, the crops themselves, you can go to our links page where you will find websites that contain the latest scientific understanding of this. The same goes for the geology and other related scientific research connected to crop circles. However, after you have studied all the scientific research, one question is now even more alive in your mind and the question is, Why? Why do crop circles appear?
  We all agree that the shapes of the crop circles are very powerful and forceful. However, should we or can we, do anything with these shapes and this power? Here on the site of CCaM you will find many things that will assist you in answering these questions. For instance, information about the intricacies of the shapes (geometry) and what you can do with this knowledge; information about the crop circles and their relationship to the landscape; information about the relationship between the shapes themselves. And all of that, real time, up to date, on the spot information while it is happening. In short, on CCaM you will find everything you always wanted to know about Crop Circles and More.
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