Database Maps

Crop circles, ancient sacred sites and other places of power can have a deep impact. Just by looking at photos of them they can touch you on all kinds of different levels. Seeing them sitting in the landscape in relationship to each other amplifies this effect multiple times. And that is where the Database Maps of CCaM come in.

Sponsor (€ 12 Euros)
As Sponsor you get much more than the basic information on the crop circles of the current season and the rudimentary data on important sites of the Basic Map. You get more photos, diagrams and videos of not only the current crop circles, but of nearly all crop circles that have appeared in the UK since 1978. The Map below shows an example from 2020. The orange markers show where the current season's crop circles are (this is an example from 2020), while the blue markers show where crop circles of previous years were located. Clicking on - additional information - will open a new window. Try it yourself.

Although looking at crop circle photos can be a profound experience, nothing compares to walking through them yourself. For that you need to know how to get to them. As Sponsor you get comprehensive directions to the current crop circles. This includes a map, on which you can zoom in and out, detailing how to get from where you are, to a parking option close to the crop circle. Try it yourself.

The app of CCaM automatically pinpoints exactly where you are at the moment you open the page. You don’t have to type in anything. Just click -  - and boom, there is the map with directions. After you have moved you can refresh the page and it will update the location you are at and with that the directions. It also gives the distance and the expected travel time plus coordinates you can use in your navigator if you wish to do so.
But the Map is not only about crop circles. As a Sponsor you also have access to all the above information on numerous ancient sacred sites and other places of power (green markers).

Again, the label has a clickable area - additional information - that will open up a pop-up window with photos and relevant (historical) background information. Try it yourself. The label also contains a clickable -  - area. Clicking this will open up a screen with a map showing how to get to the site, including the distance, estimated travel time and coordinates. Try it yourself.

Since the last update we are working with markers that indicate the year an event happened.

This makes it much easier to investigate the evolution of the phenomenon in different geographical areas.

All this will cost you as Sponsor only € 12 Euros for one season. A season runs from through .

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The Experience of a Lifetime
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